JET is a fossil mineral originally vegetal formed in the Jurassic. Black, light, warm and with a soft touch.

Very appreciated, it has been used as ornamental stone since ancient times by Egyptians, Phoenicians, Etruscans or Romans. Originally carved with files, gouges and a lathe, it´s mined from the nearest field of Asturias, considered the best jet based on its intense bright black color, achieved by manual burnishing.

Jet goldwork is the most distinctive traditional craft in Compostela. It´s considered the “jacobeo” emblem by the peregrines who travelled to Compostela for centuries, and represents the talisman of de Way of St. James, peregrine guardian.

Nowadays is still well established in Galicia, land of spirits and witches, and is attributed curative properties and against “evil eye”.

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One comment on “Jet
  1. Rajtilak says:

    Enviado por el 14/09/2010 Que triunfo!! casi, casi igual que el Us Open de Nadal anhcoe!!!Una gozada tienen que sentir al tener ese representativo dedal del Camino de Santiago.Otra cosa Como hacen para sacar las fotos tan nedtidas? algfan truquillo especial?

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