Marc Heffner

Como novedad en nuestra Joyeria Angel de Santiago de Compostela como en nuestra tienda online tenemos las obras del famoso pintor alemán Marc Heffner. Aquí teneis más datos sobre el.

Marc Heffner Camino Estrella

Marc Heffner Camino Estrella

Marc Heffner was born in 1966 in Mannheim in the southwestern part of Germany. He was educated in the printing sector and began exhibiting his artwork in 1987.
Travelling the world from a very early age, he became an experienced traveller and a cosmopolitan artist.
The Central theme of his conceptional art has always been spirituality and his reflections of cultures from around the globe.
Marc Heffner has travelled extensively across all continents. He was able to spend lengthy periods on various continents and was able to inhale and absorb other cultures and concepts.
The creation of designs for “Camino Estrella“ resulted from a pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago in the holy year 2004.
His original artworks can be found in private collections around the world.
Marc Heffner is a member of the Federal Association of Artists of the Fine Arts in Germany
Marc Heffner Camino de Santiago

Tienda online de la platería artesana Berenguela especializada en joyas y recuerdos del Camino de Santiago. Handmade Jewels from St James' Way. Ubicada en la Praza das Praterias 8 dentro de la Catedral de Santiago de Compostela

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