Prints Way of Saint James

All prints are high quality 4 colour prints on original handmade “Bütten” paper. Each print is signed by the artist Marc Heffner.
Each pilgrim documents his journey in the personal Credential (pilgrim’s passport) which he must carry with him from the start of his pilgrimage. With the possession of a Credential, a single lodging is granted to every pilgrim for the night in the Albergues (pilgrims hostels) along the Camino de Santiago. Here the pilgrim receives the print of the stamp of every overnight stay. The print “Sellos” present a unique collection of traditional, ancient and important stops on the Camino de Santiago. A reflection of the previous centuries pilgrimages.

Camino Santiago Sellos
Camino Santiago Sellos

Today tens of thousands of pilgrims set out each year from their front doorstep, or popular starting points across Europe to make their way to Santiago de Conmpostela. Their final destination is the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela where traditions has it that the remains of the apostle Saint James are buried. They follow many routes, the most popular route is the french way entering Spain in the Pyrenees and cossing northern Spain. The tomb in Santiago de Compostela developed in the middle ages beside Rome and Jerusalem to the third principal purpose of the christian pilgrim’s journey.

Camino Estrella On the Camino
Camino Estrella On the Camino

Along the Camino the pilgrim connects with history, changing landscapes, people, places and symbols. These create deep and lasting impressions inthe painting series “Camino Steps”, the artist Marc Heffner takes up themes, icons and places along the Camino de Santiago.
During centuries of pilgrimage the scallop shell developed into the symbol of the Camino de Santiago.
With the possession of the scallop shell, the medieval pilgrims proved their arrival.
The scallop shell also acts as a metaphor. The grooves in the shell, which come together at a single point, represent the various pilgrims travelled, eventually arriving at a single destination: Santiago de Compostela

Camino Estrella Camino Steps
Camino Estrella Camino Steps

Butterflies stand since centuries as a symbol for transformation. Like the pilgrim who goes through an evolution during the pilgrimage. For many pilgrims, reaching the end completes a process and signifies a new, personal beginning. The wheel of life – on the Camino de Santiago the pilgrim feels the wheel turning. An unforgettable experience.

Marc Heffner CaminoEstrella Butterfly
Marc Heffner CaminoEstrella Butterfly



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